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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality  or Mixed Reality


New Technology

AR in enterprise has a significant impact within the aerospace, automotive, retail and hospitality business.

The current hardware prices are dropping.  Improvements in quality and variety of content are stimulating further innovations.

Techniques like Augmented reality require a long term vision towards the upcoming future. Therefore it is key that your content is flexible enough to adopt these future innovations and upcoming challenges.  


Launching this within your network means that your format should be flexible enough to cover future innovations. It has to be combined with a realistic business plan with KPI’s, a well-defined position within the sales process and an environment were all groups involved are constantly being challenged to look beyond the borders of the existing program.

“The launch of a successful VR / AR program requires a long term vision towards the upcoming future. It is key that the content is flexible enough to adopt these future innovations and upcoming challenges"

Emile Stadman

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Concept development

Challenge suppliers, stakeholders and designers

Working with leading CGI specialists

Strategy and business plan





Example projects

Toyota Motor Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Pilot projects

Programme Manager Network Development, commissioned by Toyota Motor Europe

German Cooperate Architecture


Development of German corporate architecture 


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