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Program Management

The role of the Program Manager is to not only to deliver the organizational strategy, but also requires to focus on business transformation and to coordinate and prioritise resources across multiple projects.

It is about managing links between the projects and overall costs ans risks within different programs.
In most cases it also involves linking within the business change functions within the business areas affected to ensure that the required changes are effectively implemented.  It is therefore more closely aligned to the organization’s strategy, rather then delivering one specific project. In most cases the strategy often functions as a blueprint after the program has been completed.

  • Understanding our customers and understanding the reason why the question was asked

  • Look beyond borders and focus on integral solutions

  • Develop the right strategy, the right set of tools and infrastructure

  • Build up an open culture with strong focus on setting high standards and innovation culture

  • Mitigate risks and exploit opportunities

  • Deliver value that meet business objectives

  • International delivery and fast paced schedules

  • Reduce complexity, increase efficiency


To develop a milestone based program strategy, defining roles and responsibilities as well as the processes and KPI’s and to reach alignment with the higher level organizational vision or goals.


To review, verify and validate the program performance and to engage with all stakeholders and to anticipate on potential risk and to deliver required change. To manage process improvement and quality assurance  that makes the program efficient and transparent

Financial Management

Develop a milestone based financial strategy, realistic cumulative financial forecasts and to actively track and control finances.


Manage resources so it influences the success of the program. Develop the right tools, documents, digital dashboards, A3’s, IT infrastructure and reach alignment with all stakeholders involved. 

"In comparison with project management, program management is more closely aligned to the organization’s strategy, rather than delivering one specific project. The used strategy often functions as a Blueprint after the program has been successfully completed"

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Brand compliance and multi-geography delivery

Program set-up and strategic development

Mitigate risks and exploit opportunities

Reduce complexity and increase efficiency





Example projects

Toyota Motor Europe

Brussels, Belgium

Toyota Pan-European Retail Concept Rollout

Programme Manager Network Development, commissioned by Toyota Motor Europe

adidas Group

Herzogenaurach Germany

adidas Pan-European Store Retrofit Rollout

Interim Senior Project Manager Store Development Western Europe

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About Emile Stadman

Originally from the Netherlands, international project and program management, design, engineering, automotive, retail, architecture and construction.

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